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Selling to cars dealers : All questions in the FAQ

Sales to cars dealers and sales to automotive professionals is a way of selling between automotive professionals (B2B), exactly as a wholesaler would do. All our vehicles are sold as is. For this we provide you with a maximum of information for each vehicle: Detailed description, photos presentation, expertise, photos of the damage and more on request.

Buy cars from MC Automobiles

Who can buy our cars ?

Our entire stock of new and second-hand vehicles is available at the best prices to dealers and automotive professionals only.
We have a wide choice of new and second-hand vehicles (about 300 cars and commercial vehicles permanently in our stockyards) representing major French makes: Peugeot, Renault and Citroen as well as foreign makes: Seat, Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat, Ford ... All our passenger and commercial vehicles are only for sale to cars dealers and automotive professionals. We do not sell vehicles to individuals.

Why Register ?

To fully enjoy our website you must be registered. First, your registration will allow you to display the dealer prices for all the cars on our website and to order your vehicles online.
Then, your registration will subscribe you to a weekly e-mail update listing all our new and second-hand vehicles available to dealers and automotive professionals only.
You will also receive all our promotions and offers, reserved for dealers and automotive professionals

How to register ?

It's very simple, go to the registration page, fill in the form with your information and click OK. After your registration, we will verify that you are a professional. Then your IDs will be e-mailed to you, subject to your registration being validated.
For your information, you can also register by phone by calling us on +33 (0)2 35 86 48 79.

Maximum information for each vehicle.

For each second-hand or new car or commercial vehicle physically in our stock you will find various documents that will help you to accurately estimate its condition.
By clicking on a vehicle on our site, you will reach the vehicle details, that is to say, the page comprising a detailed description of the vehicle, its vehicle photos, a link to the vehicle assessment and various support tools for sale.

How to order a car ?

To order a vehicle from MC Automobiles you must be a professional, automotive mechanic, body shop, dealer, agent, approved repairer, etc.
If interested in a vehicle, it is easy is to order it directly from the page where you it is displayed by clicking the button "I order this vehicle." Following this, you will be asked to fill in a short form and then confirm your order. You will instantly receive your order to the e-mail address you provided. The vehicle will show as sold for 14 hours so you can to return your order stamped and signed.
Alternalively, you may ask your sales people to check a vehicle. Then they will complete your order and send it to you.

How have a vehicle transported ?

We deliver vehicles throughout France. To transport our vehicles we have negotiated special rates with various national carriers specializing in vehicle transportation so we can offer competitive rates to send a batch of vehicles or even only one vehicle to your home. For transport fares across France, contact us at +33 (0)2 35 86 48 79.

Toute l'information sur les véhicules d'importation

Where do import vehicles come from

All our vehicles come from the EEC, no imports from outside the European community.
These vehicles are therefore produced in the same factories as the vehicles sold on French territory and meet the same European standards, with a certificate of conformity.

How to register an import vehicle (in France) ?

Imported vehicles have a first foreign registration.
In France, the registration is done using the complete file including: Application for registration, transfer certificates, certificate of conformity, foreign gray card, mandate of registration, tax discharge, identity document of your client and proof of address for your client.

Imported vehicle documents

We provide you with all the documents necessary for the registration of an import vehicle: Tax receipt, transfer certificates, certificate of compliance and foreign registration document.

What warranty on import vehicles ?

As with vehicles from France, the manufacturer's warranty applies.

Which options and equipments on an imported vehicle ?

Generally the finishes correspond to French versions, however there are sometimes some differences. In this case we always specify to you which are the missing elements and/or the additional equipments in the list of equipments present on our site.

Sale and price of imported vehicles

You sell an import vehicle exactly as you sell other vehicles.
The only differences will be the price, which is generally cheaper, and the time required to obtain a the foreign registration card, around one month.
Only imperative, for your security, always specify "import" on your order form.

What VAT on imported vehicles ?

We manage all import formalities in France. So you have to verify how to import vehicle from France in your country.

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