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Using our website : All questions in the FAQ

Presentation of using our website to sell to cars dealers and all related matters.

My business proposals

How to make your business proposals from our website ?

On each vehicle page, at the bottom left corner, you will see a button "Make customer offer." Just click this button, complete the form and validate it.

How to complete the business proposals form ?

We deliberately designed it to be quick and easy to use. The form consists of three parts: your customer's identity, the vehicle financing details and the comments made during your conversation with your customer. You do not have to complete all the form, so the "comments" field, for example, may be empty. Once you have completed the form just click the "Submit" button and a new page will open with information about the vehicle, your customer's identity and the vehicle financing details.

Requirements for using business proposals ?

To make your business proposal appear with no trace MCAutomobiles uses a free technology widely used on the net: the PDF files.
So to edit your business proposals so you just need Adobe Acrobat Reader (Available free here.).

All your business proposals

Find all your business proposals on the My offers page. We keep them for 90 days.

My cart and My orders


Our cart allows you several uses. It naturally allows you to group your purchases before confirming your order. It will keep your list of vehicles. To avoid having to redo your selection of vehicles. If a vehicle is sold in the meantime it will disappear from this list. Remember to use the mailing feature to show this basket to your contributors. Finally, use the preview of the cart as a vehicle comparator, you can display up to 16 vehicles with their main informations. You can delete them just as easily and place an order as soon as your selection is made.

My orders

Find your vehicle orders on one page. It contains all the information about the vehicles you ordered. You can download the transport vouchers and the corresponding invoices. In .pdf format

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