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Welcome 340 vehicles are waiting for you.
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For the professionals.

More than vehicles, MC Automobiles offers a wide range of services dedicated to dealers and automotive professionals.
Enjoy a multi-brand offer over 300 used vehicles and newer vehicles reserved for dealers and automotive professionals.

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Une équipe dédiée aux marchand de VO et professionnels TeamVehicles with a team.
We are a team of 16 people at your service. Our skills guarantee your purchases.
Des VO et VN plus présentables PreparationSpotless vehicles.
All vehicles entering our stockyards are vacuumed and high-pressure washed, then they are assess and photographed to be featured on our website.
Des véhicules d'occasions présentés en détail AssessmentPrecise vehicle description.
We assess each vehicle on our stockyards. The identified cost factors are photographed and added to the assessment available online.
Des véhicules d'occasions avec moins de defauts Dent removalBetter-looking vehicles.
Following our expert's assessment, each body defect found is corrected when possible.
Des véhicules d'occasions en stock sur nos parcs StockVehicles really on our stockyards.
We buy our vehicles and the 400 vehicles for sale on our site are physically stored on our stockyards.

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Des véhicules d'occasions visibles sur les supports professionnels CommunicationEasy-to-find vehicles.
Retrieve, assessment sheets, general photos and cost factor photos from www.mcautomobiles.com, a web site for automotive professionals.
Des véhicules d'occasions avec une équipe commerciale CommercialCorrectly priced vehicles.
Our sales team researches prices on a daily basis to always offer vehicles adapted to the market.
Des véhicules d'occasions avec un suivi logistique LogisticsVehicles delivered to your doorstep.
We manage the storage and dispatching of our vehicles. We offer a selection of providers able to deliver your car wherever you are at an already negotiated price.
Des véhicules d'occasions avec un service administratif AdministrationVehicles with their documents.
Our administrative team manages over 1,000 customers throughout France, which guarantees you will get your documents in the shortest possible time.
Des véhicules d'occasions avec un service administratif Registration cardVehicles with their Registration card.
Sorry, this service is only available for registration in France

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Utilisez le panier pour selectionner des véhicules CartCreate a batch of cars
Select vehicles you are interested by and add them to your cart. Add and remove as many vehicles as you want. Send your cart to your sales representative, and get a batch price quote quickly..

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Faites des propositions commerciales facilement Commercial offers Propose cars !
Quickly propose a vehicle to your client. On each vehicle you have the possibility to create a customer offer, proformat, with your logo, your price and your contact details. This free service is also available in showcase mode. Find your offers in your account.

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Transformez le site MC Automobiles en un clic Mode vitrineThe showcase mode !
An easy tool to transform our site and propose all of our stock to your customers with your margin and prices. As if it were your site with your stock.

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Montrez des véhicules sur tous les écrans Mode TVVehicles on your screens !
Show our vehicles in your showroom with your prices. Scroll through our vehicles on a TV screen with your margin and prices. Offer your customers a wide choice of vehicles that they can buy from you.

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Utilisez votre logo partout Your logoWhere it's important !
Our documents become your documents. Add your logo on your commercial proposals, the showcase mode, the TV mode and on the MC Automobiles vehicles assessments

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Des véhicules d'occasions depuis plus de 20 ans ExperienceVehicles since 1991 !
MC Automobiles has been a partner for automotive professionals and cars dealers since 1991 !